Preserved Roses

Real natural roses, freshly cut, which have been delicately grown on rose farms. Using a sophisticated process, cryogenic roses are able to retain their natural beauty for as long as possible. Therefore, cryogenic roses are the perfect alternative to fresh flowers, because they do not require any special care.

Choose from our palette the color, model and size and with them, the message you want to convey: love, congratulations, good luck or good wishes.

Cryogenic roses have so much significance and have an eternal impact.

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Preserved, dried or artificial flowers and plants

We set up Crio Flowers out of the desire to address those customers who want modern decorations that last a long time and can be used both in banquet halls and in the homes of those looking to build an environment with natural resonances and tint. eco.

Most of our products consist of stabilized, cryogenic plants, which combine two essential qualities: the natural beauty of the flowering or vegetation peak and the ability to withstand time, retaining its color, appearance and even fragrance. Whether it offers you a cryogenic rose, a flower full of symbols, delicacies and colors, dried or artificial flowers, lichens and stabilized muscles, Crio Flowers wants to be the optimal solution for your interior decoration needs. We also offer support elements for making decorations, but also everything you need to tastefully pack a memorable gift.

We also come to the aid of event organizers, who want to provide a memory, a testimony of an important moment. We focused on special products, some unique on the market, such as foam bears or soap flowers, which we offer in a wide range of colors.

Although our main concern is to offer beauty, tenderness and color, we do not lose sight of the economic aspects of the event organization. Our products can be combined and arranged in time-resistant decorative assemblies, flexible in composition and independent of the time of year in which the event takes place.

Last but not least, we at Crio Flowers believe in the need to protect nature, the planet as a whole. A single flower or floral decoration from Crio Flowers elegantly and stylishly replaces cut flowers for the cultivation of which insecticides and fertilizers are used, greenhouses heated with fuels that produce carbon dioxide are built.

Dried flowers and plants

The act of drying flowers dates back to ancient times. Pressing flowers was a Victorian pastime, especially for middle- and upper-class women. Flowers were often pressed between the pages of a book as a memory of a particular person or to preserve the memory of a special event.

Dried flowers and plants are for those who prefer the rustic atmosphere. There is a certain charm that comes with the delicacy of dried flowers. Arrangements with dried flowers and plants can keep the graceful lines, textures and colors of flowers and leaves with a subtle and slightly aged appearance.

Dried natural flowers and plants, ideal for gifts and decorations

Artificial flowers and plants

The advantage of artificial flowers is, in addition to prolonged life, that they can be used as ornaments everywhere indoors - as houseplants, table decorations, on a window sill or in a completely different place from the bedroom, hallway, kitchen, office or living room.

Our range of artificial plants is varied and you will easily find plants in shades of natural green or beautiful flowers in purple, pink and yellow. Although the plants are made of plastic, they are of good quality and look authentic, so few will be able to notice the difference.

Decorate your home with flowers and artificial plants

Soap flowers

What solution is there when you want to give someone flowers, but you can't give them as soon as you buy them, or the recipient can't take care of them and they end up withering without enjoying the proper attention. The solution is to provide a bouquet or arrangement with artificial soap flowers.

Because they have vivid colors, even with soap roses you can convey your feelings as well as offering real flowers. Red means love, white acceptance, pink friendship, and blue admiration. Choose carefully!

Soap flowers keep their scent, surpassing even the real ones in this performance

Preserved moss and liquens

Lichens and stabilized muscles are natural, being chosen from nature to be treated with non-toxic ingredients, consisting mainly of vegetable glycerin and food coloring. Thus they keep their color and freshness for many years.

Paintings and decorations with stabilized muscles and lichens reconnect you with nature!

Let your imagination come to life and order now from the great variety of preserved mosses and lichens from

The freshness of natural plants to the comfort of artificial plants

Gift boxes

Floral arrangements made in boxes are a trend that is constantly growing.

When we talk about floral arrangements in boxes we refer to boxes made of cardboard, wood, ceramic, textile, pvc, acrylic or combinations between these materials.

A floral arrangement in a box is the best choice for someone who never has the time or energy to take care of flowers regularly or for someone who is recovering.

You can use these boxes to put any other gift or even sweets.

A wide variety of flower gift boxes



Premium Bleached Lagurus

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Color: Bleached Bouquet of approx. 50gr., PLANT TYPE : Lagurus, Size : 40-50cm, Head Lenght : 2-4cm,

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