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At Crioflowers.ro we strive to offer the most elegant and fascinating gifts for you and your loved ones. A rose teddy bear is a unique gift!

A rose teddy bear is a teddy bear made of artificial roses. These rose bears are handmade with small 3D artificial foam roses. These foam roses are visually similar to natural roses, creating the impression of fresh roses. They have a velvety texture similar to rose petals and are soft to the touch.

These roses will never wither or die and will last a very long time. Foam rose teddy bears are available in different colors and sizes and look great in your loved one's home or office. The rose  teddy bear will be a special gift when they are celebrating their birthday, birthday, baptism, Christmas, Valentine's Day or any special occasion. Although the rose bear is the perfect gift for any holiday, it also has a say in interior design. You can use them in decor for weddings or other formal celebration, because they fit any theme or design and emphasize refined taste to the organizers. This will create a special atmosphere and capture the meaning of the day.

Foam rose teddy bears come in a wide variety of models, colors and sizes. To enjoy this special gift for as long as possible, please, do not water it and avoid keeping it in direct sunlight and strong air conditioning.

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