lei 44.90

Vase Owl 7cm Black

lei 22.90
Color: Black , Diameter : 4.5cm, Height : 7cm, Depth : 5cm,

Vase Owl 7cm White

lei 22.90
Color: White , Diameter : 4.5cm, Height : 7cm, Depth : 5cm,

Vaza Owl 7cm Gold

lei 22.90
Color: Auriu , Diameter : 4.5cm, Height : 7cm, Depth : 5cm,
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The terrarium is a transparent container, made of glass or plastic. There are two types of terrariums, sealed and open. Sealed terrariums have a removable lid, while the open terrarium does not.

The terrarium is often used as a decorative or ornamental element. Closed terrariums create a unique environment for plant growth, because the transparent walls allow both heat and light to penetrate. The domes and terrariums provide a constant level of humidity, allowing moisture to be recycled. These greenhouse conditions make them ideal for moisture-loving tropical plants that grow in a humid and warm environment.

The glass dome has its origins in France and was intended to protect garden plants from cold and frost and to speed up the harvest to maturity. Today - thanks to our love for vintage - the domes have a welcome return.

Glass domes still make wonderful garden accents, but their uses have expanded. Now, domes and terrariums are also used to highlight beautiful flowers or fruits. It also provides an ideal way to showcase your favorite items, create mini-decorations, or display collectibles.

Glass domes and terrariums are the perfect display that can be used for plants and floral arrangements. Arrange some stabilized moss, pieces of wood, dried flowers and plants and a preserved rose and cover it with a glass dome or put it in a terrarium for a gorgeous display that fits into any style of decor. Why not use them to get attention on the beautiful Christmas ornaments and decorations? You can turn the glass dome into an amazing night lamp for a flower lover. Use in this magic lamp preserved and dried flowers that keep their color and natural touch. is at your disposal with a wide range of models and sizes of glass domes and terrariums to give life to your projects!

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