Pink Artificial Hanging Tree 200 cm

Pink Artificial Hanging Tree 200 cm

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Pink Artificial Hanging Tree 200 cm is only available on request. DELIVERY TIME is between 14-21 working days. Shipping is calculated separately from the price of the product.

Pink Artificial Hanging Tree 200 cm


Total height: 200 cm (including pots)

Width of the tree: 55 cm

The height of the pot: 13cm

What are artificial plants made of?

First of all, consider this: artificial plants inspire their design from real, living plants. They are, in essence, non-living copies of real plants.

In general, artificial plants are made of plastics. You will often see green plastic stems for most flowers and plants on the market today. In addition to plastics, artificial plants and flowers can incorporate other materials, such as paper, silk or even polyester. And like clothing, artificial plants can use cotton or rayon.

Why Artificial Pink Hanging Tree 200 cm for my home, office, terrace or restaurant?

Pink Artificial Hanging Tree 200 cm stays fresh all year round. It brings unexpected green or colored shades to your space, without the need to wet it or worry if there will be enough sun. Place this artificial plant anywhere, from the coffee table to the dining table, TVs, shelves, or in your workspace.


Pink Artificial Hanging Tree 200 cm is made using a very fine plastic, which means that it is very resistant to wear and tear, while remaining soft and supple to the touch, just like the living plant.

Where can I use Pink Artificial Hanging Tree 200 cm?

It is UV stable, which means that it is resistant to all external elements and can be used outdoors. These artificial plants look great in any room of the house, office, terrace or in combination with artificial vertical garden panels, the list is endless!

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