Begonie Wood Natur

    Bleached Wood Begonias

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    Color: Bleached;

    Bouquet of approx. 6 pices.


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    Bleached Wood Begonias - Bouquet of approximately 6 pieces, lenght around 30-40 cm.


    Begonia is native to tropical and subtropical regions around the world, including Central and South America, Africa and Asia. Begonia is a plant characterized by its distinctive leaves and variegated flowers. It is popular as a houseplant and garden plant, bringing beauty and a variety of colours to the spaces in which it is used.

    What are artificial plants?

    Artificial plants, also known as synthetic plants, are man-made reproductions or imitations of real plants. They are made from materials such as plastic, textiles, metal or paper to mimic the look and texture of natural plants. They can be created to look like plants in the natural environment or to have fanciful shapes and colours that do not normally exist in the real world. Artificial plants can be of different sizes and can be used in different environments, such as interior decoration of the home, offices or commercial spaces.

    What are the advantages of using Bleached Wood Begonias?

    The advantages of artificial plants lie in the freshness of natural plants and comfort. Furthermore, the benefits include :

    • no need for water;
    • no need for soil;
    • no need for light;
    • no growth: volume remains constant and controlled;
    • lasts for many years.

    What are the instructions for using Bleached Wood Begonias?

    • avoid pressing, crushing or deforming the flower
    • avoid direct contact with textiles as the dye may stain. 
    • store with low humidity;
    • does not require watering;
    • non-toxic;
    • not edible;
    • do not store near heat sources, radiators, etc.;

    Although they do not require special care to ensure freshness and optimum shelf life, it is recommended to store them in a controlled air environment with humidity levels of no more than 70%. helps you to create floral decorations and arrangements with a wide range of dried and preserved flowers and plants! They are perfect to use in floral decorations along with preserved rosesdried flowers and plants or preserved moss paintings. Also, the arrangements can be in vasesboxesdomes or terrariums.

    !!ATTENTION!! The pictures are only informative. Despite every effort to provide accurate images of each product colour, the shades may vary slightly due to different device screen settings. Keep in mind that every plant it's unique!

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