Turquoise Phleum Pratensis

Turquoise Phleum Pratensis

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Color : Turquoise

Weight 50Gr


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Description: Turquoise Phleum Pratensis

Specifications: 40-50cm, Bouquet 50gr

Dried flowers have seen an increase in popularity lately-and it is not hard to see why.act of drying flowers dates back to ancient times. Sprinkling flowers was a Victorian pastime, especially for middle-class and upper-class women. Flowers were often pressed between the pages of a book as a memory of a particular person or to keep the memory of a special event.

Turquoise Phleum Pratensis are for those who prefer the rustic atmosphere. There is a certain charm that comes with the delicacy of dried flowers. Arrangements with flowers and dried plants can keep the graceful lines, textures and colors of flowers and leaves with a subtle and slightly aging look.

There are a few ways that flowers can be dried: with heat, pressing and drying in the air.

You take care of Turquoise Phleum Pratensis?

Take care of the dried flowers and plants is quite simple. The main factor affecting them is light and humidity. Direct sunlight can cause blurring of flowers. Moisture can be absorbed and can wither.

Can you enjoy Turquoise Phleum Pratensis?

Dried flowers partially maintain the quality of natural flowers. However, dried flowers do not last as long as preserved plants. The branches, stems and petals of the dried flowers are more fragile, and the colors of the petals will begin to fade over time.different types of flowers have a different duration power. While a bouquet of fresh flowers takes about a week with proper care, a bouquet of dried flowers can take up to a few months, making it a more sustainable option for those who are practices. Also, dried flowers and plants are more accessible than fresh cut flowers. In fact, dried flowers can take years with care, making them a much less wasteful option.

Flowers are 100% natural and biodegradable, so if you're worried about the environment, they're a pretty good option.

We use in combination with cryogenic cryogenic plants?

Different preferences when it comes to flowers: dried flowers, fresh or preserved. Each type of flower has a different look, purpose, advantages and disadvantages. It depends on the function of the type and the purpose for which flowers are needed. So the answer is yes, we can use in flower arrangements dried flowers with other types of flowers and cryogenic plants to create floral compositions in vases,.

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