Static Tataric Cryogenic Burgundy

Static Tataric Cryogenic Burgundy

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Color: Blue

Bouquet  80-100gr


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Description: Static Tatarica Criogenata Blue

Specifications: 45-50cm, Bouquet of 80-100gr

What are cryogenic plants?

Flowers and cryogenic plants are 100% natural plants.

Tatarica Criogenata Blue is the result of a unique plant preservation process in which natural sap is replaced by a special solution, which will preserve their appearance, freshness and fragrance for many years without the need for soil, water or sunlight.

Cryogenic flowers are therefore natural, variations in sizes, shapes and colors can exist between the elements with the same reference. Some parts may show slight defects. Variations are expected and accepted with natural products.

What are the advantages of using the Cryogenic Tataric Static

The advantages of preserved plants lie in that it offers the freshness of natural plants at the comfort of artificial plants. Moreover, the benefits include: no need for water; no need for soil; no need for light; no growth: volume remains constant and controlled; no dust: unlike artificial plants preserved plants do not have static electricity; last for many years.

Studies have shown that keeping plants cryogenic in your workspace or at home has extremely beneficial effects on your health. Preserved plants are intended exclusively for indoor use. Although they do not need special lighting, to ensure freshness and optimal service life, it is recommended to keep them in an air-controlled environment with humidity levels of no more than 70%.

They are ideal for use in floral arrangements along with CRYOGENIC ROSES , FLOWERS AND DRIED PLANTS, IN PAINTINGS WITH LICHENS AND MUSCLES STABILIZED.ARRANGEMENTS CAN BE IN VASES, CUTS, CUPOLE OR TERRARII. will help to create decorations and floral arrangements with a wide range of and cryogenic!

Atention!!! The images of the products presented on the site are for presentation purposes and may differ in color and appearance compared whit the delivered products.

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Statica Tatarica
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