Cryogenic Pink Bujor XXLNikiPin99

Cryogenic Pink Bujor XXLNikiPin99

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General description: Cryogenic Bujor Roz XXLNikiPin99Sell 1 piece per box.

Do not include rods (you can purchase cryogenate separately on our site).

Ideals for floral arrangements, GIFT BOXES , DOMES AND TERRARIUMS, BRIDAL BOUQUETS, DECORATIONS AND MORE. The only limit is your imagination when it comes to how you can use and combine it !!!

What are cryogenic peonies?

Bujor Cryogenat Roz XXLNikiPin99 are natural peonies that have undergone an elaborate conservation process to maintain their beauty and natural freshness without the need for water or sunlight. Cryogenic peonies are real, fresh-cut natural roses that have been grown on rose farms. Using a sophisticated process, cryogenic peonies are able to preserve their natural beauty for as long as possible. Therefore, cryogenic cryogenic peonies are the perfect alternative to fresh flowers, as they do not require any type of special care. There is no expiration date for these cryogenically peonies brand Rose Amor.

Maintenance and care

The appearance and lifespan of the Rose Amor cryogenic bujors depends on the environmental conditions in which they will be kept. All you need to do is keep the cryogenic roses at room temperature avoiding temperature extremes. At a humidity between 50-60% avoiding direct sunlight, you will have a refined flower that retains its vitality, elegance and natural beauty throughout the years. All our cryogenic or dried plants are organic. B cryogenic cryojors are biodegradable and harmless to children and pets.

How and when can Bujor Criogenat Roz XXLNikiPin99 be used?

You can use in combinations with flowers and PLANTS DRIED , CRYOGENIC PLANTS, EVEN WITH LICHENS AND STABILIZED MUSCLES Cryogenic roses have so much significance and have a B The cryogenic s are a step further for the preservation of that particular moment, we all know that Red cryogenic is the universal symbol of love, choose from our pallet color pattern and size, and with these the message you want to convey: love, congratulations, good luck or good wishes. Regardless of your choice the gifts and decorations with cryogenic roses are the perfect choice for anniversaries, mother's day, Valentine's day and other occasions.

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