Preserved DarkGreen Cushion Moss

Preserved DarkGreen Cushion Moss

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Color: Forest Green;

Box of 550-600 grams.


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Preserved DarkGreen Cushion Moss - approximately 550-600 grams. Box Dimensions: 40x60 cm.

The weight may vary depending on the humidity level of the room in which they are kept.

Preserved Cushion Moss is a type of moss that has been harvested and then preserved for use in various decorative and landscaping applications. The preservation process typically involves treating the moss with a solution that prevents decay and preserves its natural color and texture. This allows the moss to retain its softness and pliability, making it easy to work with and shape as needed. Flat Moss it's 100% natural unique plant that is usually chosen for large-scale projects as plant panels, vegetated walls or paintings.

What are the advantages of using Preserved DarkGreen Cushion Moss?

  • fireproof;
  • air purifying;
  • noise cancelling;
  • reduces mold and humidity in the room;
  • can last up to 10 years;
  • no need of water;
  • no need for soil;
  • no need for natural light;
  • no growth: the volume remains constant and controlled;
  • dust-free: unlike artificial plants, preserved ones don't have static electricity.

How to care of Preserved DarkGreen Cushion Moss?

  • handle the moss with care;
  • clean all the impurities;
  • interior and exterior use (ideal temperature of 15-25°);
  • perfect level of humidity between 40-75%;
  • do not water them;
  • non-toxic;
  • non-edible;
  • no direct sunlight;
  • do not store them near heat sources, radiators, air conditioning, etc.;
  • keep them in a free of wind, currents or any strong air movements.

Characteristics: The Cushion Moss has been painted with eco-friendly dyes, but as natural plants with varying textures and colors, variations of shades can be observed on the same product depending on the degree of absorption of the natural dye.

Cover area for Preserved Cushion Moss:  5-6 boxes of 500gr. for approximately 1 m². (The amount varies with the working method)

They can also be used to create custom arrangements, such as wall decor, centerpieces, and other decorative elements that you want to last. helps you to create floral decorations and arrangements with a wide range of dried and preserved flowers and plants! They are perfect to use in floral decorations along with preserved rosesdried flowers and plants or preserved moss paintings. Also, the arrangements can be in vasesboxesdomes or terrariums.

!!ATTENTION!! The pictures are only informative. Despite every effort to provide accurate images of each product colour, the shades may vary slightly due to different device screen settings. Keep in mind that every plant it's unique!

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550-600 gr.
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