Ribbon Organza BestWishesForYou Blue

Ribbon Organza BestWishesForYou Blue

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Color: Blue

Dimensions: 25mm/45m



Description: Panglica Organza BestWishesForYou Blue

Size: Width 25mm Length 45meters

Organza BestWishesForYou Blue is used on occasions of celebration-whether you're packing birthday presents, tied up a Christmas ornament, wrapped around a wedding cake or even decorating a ceremonial chair, hanging on gold medals or using it to tie a bouquet of flowers.

Whenyou use the Ribbon Organza BestWishesForYou Blue?

are ideal to be used thenwhen offer boxes with flowers of , to tie the packaging boxes with of foam roses or with cryogenic roses

Witha wide range of available ribbons, there will definitely be a ribbon that will fit the intended purpose. Choose from our extensive selection of organza, satenes, grosgraine, metal and flower ribbons, to bring all your ideas to life.  packing of gifts or bouquets of flowers.

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