Preserved Lilac Pink Hydrangea

    Preserved Lilac Pink Hydrangea

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    Preserved Lilac Pink Hydrangea


    Hydrangea, known scientifically as Hydrangea, is a popular ornamental flower because of its spectacular and varied blooms. It belongs to the Hydrangeaceae family and is native to Asia and North America, but is cultivated and appreciated all over the world. Hydrangea is a flower with spectacular and diverse inflorescences that add a touch of elegance and colour to gardens and floral arrangements. Due to the ability of the flowers to change colour depending on the pH of the soil, hydrangea has become a popular and appreciated flower among gardeners and flower lovers.


    What are preserved flowers?

    Preserved Lilac Pink Hydrangea it's 100% real flower that is being cut when reaches its absolute peak, after that they are soaked in non-toxic colorants and natural preservatives for several days. 

    The best part is that they look exactly like the fresh ones, but can stay fresh-looking for at least a year. (up to 10 years).


    How to care of Preserved Lilac Pink Hydrangea?

    The short answer is: you don't have to! Keep them away from direct sunlight and don't wet them. A humid environment could reduce its lifespan. 

    What are the advantages of using Preserved Lilac Pink Hydrangea?

    • no need to water them;
    • no need for soil;
    • no need of natural light;
    • no growth: the volume remains constant and controlled;
    • dust-free: unlike artificial plants, preserved ones don't have static electricity;
    • it can last many years.

    They can also be used to create custom arrangements, such as bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and other decorative elements that you want to last. helps you to create floral decorations and arrangements with a wide range of dried and preserved flowers and plants! They are perfect to use in floral decorations along with preserved rosesdried flowers and plants or preserved moss paintings. Also, the arrangements can be in vasesboxesdomes or terrariums.


    !!ATTENTION!! The pictures are only informative. Despite every effort to provide accurate images of each product colour, the shades may vary slightly due to different device screen settings. Keep in mind that every plant it's unique!

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